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Polymer Gels and Solid Polymers Based Electrolytes

       Moly Laboratories is a start-up R&D company located in San Francisco Bay Area.

       We are dedicated to develop novel polymeric materials and new applications.

      We offer services all about polymeric materials on:

  • Customer synthesis from lab scale to commercial quantities.
  • Contract or subcontract R&D projects.
  • Technical Consulting.
Both polymer gels and solid polymers based electrolytes are used for lithium batteries and other electrochemical devices. Our novel in-situ crosslinking polymerization systems have been proven to provide the material and process solutions to the customers with high performance and cost-efficiency.  

Antimicrobial Polymers

Our proprietary antimicrobial polymers are used as additives for plastics, rubbers, fabrics, coatings, etc. and featured by good thermal stability when exposed to elevated temperatures during processsing.

Moly Lab's proprietary polymer gel electrolytes made from polymers and propylene carbonate by in-situ polymerization for lithium battery applications.


Reactive Oligomers / Macromers

Synthesizing and formulating of reactive oligomers /macromers that are used as contact lens components, medical lubricious coatings, surfactants, antistatic agents, halogen-free flame retardants.